Who is Herman

Welcome to my website!
I am a Dutch guy at the age of 36. Married to a lovely Mexican woman, Cynthia, and father of a beautiful son, León Hendrik. Endless curiosity and persistent mindset keep me pushing the limits.


What does Herman do all day

Working for a national Telco as a Technical Consultant I seek and strive to find, invent and build new solutions to innovate our workspace environment in every way possible.


What Herman's head is like when it comes to knowledge and experience

Very knowledgeable and experienced in all Microsoft products involved in Workspace management accompanied by firewall and networking skills.
Second to that, Linux (CentOS, OpenWRT) distros are too becoming part of the extended knowledge base of my mind.


Does Herman have any hobbies besides working all day

Now this is a tricky section as my hobbies turn out to be also related to my work. Like tweaking consumer routers to run other operating systems, like OpenWRT firmware based on Linux, to turn them into professional networking devices at low cost or building websites like this one based on Joomla.


Is there time left to undertake sports or physical movement of certain body parts

Nowadays I am rowing to keep all body parts in tip-top shape, though lately only rowing has been in the bathtub.